Tower Cranes

Tower Cranes cover the following crane types:

  • Luffing Boom
  • Fixed Jib
  • Self-Erecting

We recommend that the Signal Person / Rigger Qualification be added to supplement this training.  Please see further information here.

The Certification process has 3 components:

  1. Classroom (First 1.5 Days)
  2. Written Exam (2nd Day)
  3. Practical Exam (2nd Day)

The typical training includes classroom instruction that prepares for Operators for the written exams.  Ending with the Practical Exam.  We accomplish everything in 2 days!

Training Curriculum

This training meets the requirement of:

  • OSHA 1926.1400
  • Practical Load Chart and Domain Test
  • ASME B30.29
  • ASME B30.3